Meet the student: Clarinetist Germán Andrés Castiblanco Moreno

Moreno plays bass clarinet in the joint performance of the Sibelius Academy NYKY Ensemble and Kekäläinen & Company “If I Would Lose My Voice”.

Who are you and how did you end up studying at the Sibelius Academy?

I am Germán – to many people’s surprise it’s not pronounced like the demonym of Germany, more like “Hermán”. In any case, yes I am Germán and I am from Bogotá, Colombia. I am a clarinetist and a coffee lover. I ended up coming to Helsinki in the middle of the pandemic. Quite an interesting time to move but a great decision nonetheless.

I grew up being inspired by the Finnish clarinet scene, therefore the decision of applying to the Sibelius Academy came rather easily to me. Prior to my life in Finland I have played with Bogotá’s Philharmonic Orchestra on a regular basis. As a soloist in several ensembles in Colombia and have been a prize winner in several competitions in Colombia and Mexico.

How would you describe yourself as an artist in five words?

Observant, meticulous, desirous, open-minded, shameless.

”If I Would Lose My Voice” is a thought-provoking piece about the state of the world, and how the actions of humankind are affecting nature. How do you see that one can deal with these issues through art and music?

Art is not only a way of expression, but also a way of protest. We are giving a voice as performers and through If I Would Lose My Voice we are involving the audience to question and dare to deconstruct certain issues that we are all involved as a society. I can’t help but think of all the horrors that are happening right now. War is no answer, truly we need more violins and less weapons out there.

What would be your greetings to the audience coming to see the If I Would Lose My Voice performance? What should they pay special attention to?

I would myself like to be in the audience in fact, so enjoy the show! This production of the NYKY Ensemble is very unique since we are collaborating with Kekäläinen & Company. We juxtapose the arts and visuals through a dramaturgically well thought out program and choreographies. Silence is definitely an element that is breathing heavily in If I Would Lose My Voice, I would direct my attention there.

Three concert tips for this spring?

Tips for the spring? Maybe, bring a jacket and also sunglasses to be ready for the sudden changes this year’s spring are bringing. In all seriousness, I think being prepared for everything, whatever that means, is a good approach when embarking on the journey of a concert. Having your ears open and letting one go throughout the journey of the performance is important.

As a member of the audience, one may tend to approach a concert from a passive audience point of view. To me, this is a time and opportunity to engage one in the performance through letting go of empty preconceptions and give in the power of what may become a moment of true aesthetic value.

Sibafest: NYKY En­sem­ble ja Kekäläinen & Com­pany – If I Would Lose My Voice
Tickets 11,50–23 €

The performance is part of the Sibafest – Recovery Tour.