Kuva/Tila to open its doors at the Sörnäinen Campus

The Sörnäinen district will become home to a busy cultural hub when the Academy of Fine Arts opens its new gallery space at the Sörnäinen Campus of Uniarts Helsinki. The inaugural exhibition of the gallery, Ebb and Flow, will take place in December and January.

Fine arts, dance, theatre – all this will be on offer at Uniarts Helsinki’s new Sörnäinen Campus. The Sörnäinen district retains strong ties to its past, and it is also one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods in Helsinki. Now, the cultural life of the district will become even more exciting as the exhibition activities and other events organised by the Academy of Fine Arts will be transferred into the new Mylly building located at Sörnäisten rantatie.

The Kuva/Tila gallery is intended to showcase art created within the Academy of Fine Arts, and the featured artists include students of the Academy at various stages of studies, researchers, alumni, and visiting artists. The public lectures, events, and performances organised in the gallery by the Academy of Fine Arts seek to increase our understanding of what art can be. Admission to all the exhibitions and other events will be free of charge.

Kuva/Tila’s first autumn season presents art by bachelor’s students and the inaugural exhibition Ebb and Flow

Kuva/Tila will open its doors to public on 24 September with the bachelor’s degree show. The degree show introduces art produced by twenty young artists, who are currently finishing their bachelor’s degrees, and it provides an excellent opportunity to see what kind of art is currently produced at Uniarts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts.

The new campus now hosts two academies of Uniarts Helsinki, a situation that may result in unexpected opportunities. Indeed, the artists participating in the inaugural exhibition of Kuva/Tila include students, doctoral students, and researchers from both the Academy of Fine Arts and Theatre Academy. The inaugural exhibition, Ebb and Flow, will run from 3 December 2021 to 30 January 2022, and the artworks to be exhibited in the recently finished gallery space comprise examinations of temporalities, events, and tensions. The works form relations to embodied, human, and non-human processes, which are not necessarily headed in a specific direction.

The exhibition has taken shape through, and been influenced by, the meetings and discussions between the exhibition’s curator and the participating artists. The exhibition is curated by Riikka Thitz, who is currently finishing her studies in the Praxis master’s programme at the Academy of Fine Arts, and the artists presenting their works in the exhibition include Miina Aho, Ramina Habibollah, Taru Happonen, Simo Kellokumpu, J. Koho, Heini Korhonen, Tuomas Laitinen, Tuomas Lehtomaa, Tuure Leppänen, Stephanie Misa, Kristiina Mäenpää, Ellenor Rose Nish, Tuuli Ojala, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Daniel Palpa, Jaakko Pietiläinen, Vincent Roumagnac, and Mira Vornanen. 

Project Room to host exhibitions by master’s students

The Project Room gallery, which is part of Kamppi’s gallery hub in Lönnrotinkatu, will continue its exhibition activities until 2022. This autumn, the Project Room will once again host exhibitions produced by master’s students. Many of the artists are already familiar from last spring’s master’s degree show, Kuvan Kevät, and they will examine their artistic projects in more detail in the exhibitions organised this autumn.

Jenni Niskala’s exhibition Summer Diary continues its run in the Project Room until 12 September. The exhibition provides us with one last opportunity to revisit the summer mood, and it includes notes and observations about summer, the printmaking process, and the structures of the traces left behind by the tools and equipment used in the printmaking process. Niskala shares the gallery with Xiao Zhiyu, whose works transform the gallery space into a hypothetical library.

The exhibitions in the autumn season also examine the wartime history of the building where the Project Room is located, the conceptuality and materiality of painting, and embodiment in the printmaking process. Other artists whose works will be presented this autumn include Miina Aho, Riikka Anttonen, Anna Bredenberg, Paola Fernanda Guzman Figueroa, Essi Immonen, Natalie Hamada, Sjors Hoogerdijk, Shirin Hotta, Teresa Kari, Zagros Manuchar, Pavel Rotts, and Nils Titus.

Events and public lectures

Kuva/Tila, as well as the Mylly building of the Academy of Fine Arts, will also host public lectures and other events. Check the event calendar for more information!

The KuvA Research Days will be organised for the seventh time this year. The event takes place from 13 to 15 December, so be sure to mark down the dates in your calendar. The KuvA Research Days brings researchers and doctoral students of the Academy of Fine Arts together with invited artists and researchers both from Finland and abroad. More information about the themes that will be open for everyone and other details related to the organisation of this year’s event will be published on the event’s website later in the autumn.

Please visit the exhibitions and other events only if you are feeling well

All our activities are arranged in accordance with the current government safety protocols pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the number of guests allowed to visit our events will be restricted, if necessary. Please check the current situation on our website prior to visiting one of our exhibitions.

You are warmly welcome to attend our exhibitions!

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Open Tue–Sun, 11 a.m.–6 p.m., closed on Mondays and during the hanging of the artworks. Free admission.