Johanna Vakkari appointed as the academic director of the Open Campus

Vakkari will also continue as the vice dean of the Academy of Fine Arts. Her term in both positions will continue until 31 December 2025.

Johanna Vakkari

Uniarts Helsinki’s rector has appointed Johanna Vakkari as the academic director of the Open Campus from 1 August 2021 to 31 December 2025. Vakkari works as the vice dean for education at the Academy of Fine Arts, and she has the title of docent. 

The Open Campus at Uniarts Helsinki organises open university studies, continuing and specialist education as well as joint studies for all degree students of the university.

The duties of the academic director include management of the joint studies at the Open Campus and the operative management of the Open University. The academic director also serves as the supervisor of the academic staff at the Open Campus. Vakkari is also responsible for the organisational development of the Open Campus. 

“I’m happy about the appointment and grateful for the trust I’ve been given. It’s a bit early to outline specific goals at this point, but a good team spirit and clear cooperation between the academies and the Open Campus are essential for the success of the work,” Johanna Vakkari says.  

The rector made the appointment on 14 June based on the proposal of Vice Rector for Education Lauri Väkevä in accordance with the Open Campus Regulations. When preparing the proposal, the vice rector heard the vice deans for education, the university’s executive group and the steering group for bachelor’s and master’s education. 

In the future, Johanna Vakkari will spend 50 per cent of her working time in her duties as the vice dean of the Academy of Fine Arts and 50 per cent in her duties as the academic director of the Open Campus. Vakkari will work under the authority of Vice Rector for Education Lauri Väkevä.