Theatre Academy

Publications are an integral part of the activities of the Theatre Academy. With their focus on the performing arts, publications have produced material for supplementing teaching, research supporting the development of the field of theatre and dance, reports, and topical discussions.

Latest publications of the Theatre Academy

Latest publications of the Theatre Academy

Davide Giovanza: Theatre Enters! The Play within the Play as a Means of Disruption

MA Davide Giovanzanas doctoral dissertation analyses a specific dramaturgical phenomenon, defined as “the play within the play”, which introduces a second story inside the main drama. What happens when a playwright introduces a second level of representation? What happens when some actors start performing for other actors and another level of illusion is added to the first one?



Per Roar Thorsnes: Docudancing Griefscapes. Choreographic strategies for embodying traumatic contexts in the thrilogy Life & Death

Docudancing Griefscapes – choreographic strategies for embodying traumatic contexts in the trilogy Life & Death – is a self-reflexive artistic research project on develop- ing choreography based on contextual background research and ethnographic fieldwork. From the viewpoint of the choreographer-researcher, I explored this strategy through constructing and embodying three contexts of traumatic griev- ing: (1) my private grieving, related to the sudden death of a close friend, (2) our mortality, related to facing our finitude, and (3) communal grieving, related to the aftermath of the Bosnian War (1992-1995), whose traumatic events ruptured a whole society’s existence.  


Kirsi Monni & Ric Allsopp (toim.; 2015): Practicing Composition: Making Practice

This collection of texts reflects some of the different discourses, practices and approaches that were explored by the participants of the Erasmus Intensive Project (IP) Practicing Composition: Making Practice initiated and co-ordinated by the MA SODA (Solo/ Dance/ Authorship) programme at the Inter-University Centre for Dance (HZT), University of the Arts, Berlin (2011-2013).