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Latest publications of the Sibelius Academy

Latest publications of the Sibelius Academy



Margit Rahkonen: Douze Études by Claude Debussy – a Pianist’s View 
The writer approaches the Études from several angles with the help of existing literature on Debussy’s piano works and her own expertise as pianist and pedagogue. The book is directed to pianists studying the concert etude repertoire as well as to any reader interested in Debussy’s piano music.


Tuomas Hannikainen: Neito tornissa - Sibelius näyttämöllä

This is a study of Jean Sibelius’ early compositions for stage, concentrating on the work Jungfrun i tornet (Neito tornissa in Finnish; Maid in the Tower in English) (JS101, 1896). 


Anne-Mari Kivimäki: Perinnelaboratorio: #haitariporukoissa

The focal point of this artistic doctoral dissertation is the accordionist and storyteller Ilja Kotikallio (1894–1961) from Suistamo. Through research on Kotikallio’s personal history as well as archival tales recorded from him, the life of the parish municipality of Suistamo in Karelia (beyond the current Russian border) at the start of the 20th century is illuminated, especially the presence of accordion music in the Suistamo area