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University of the Arts Helsinki's Sibelius Academy is the highest-level music educator in Finland. The academy trains artists skilled in independent artistic work, teachers, and other music professionals.

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Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki selects new students only once a year in the spring.


The next application period for studies starting in the autumn of 2016 is 8.-27.1.2016. The online application is filled in at The pre-examination assignments must arrive to Sibelius Academy no later than 10.2.2016 by 3 p.m. (Finnish time). The entrance examinations are held from April to the end of May.


>> How to fill in the online application form

>> Instructions on using the DecisionDesk system

>> Frequently asked questions


N.B. Restrictions on student admission starting from the beginning of 2012. Read more here (document is in 3 languages).


The Admissions Guide and more information about applying to the doctoral schools can be found for each academy here.

Musiikin kandidaatin ja maisterin tutkintoon johtava koulutus (3 v + 2,5 v)

Musiikin kandidaatin ja maisterin tutkintoon johtava koulutus (3 v + 2,5 v)

The 5.5-year programme is intended for applicants who have completed the Finnish matriculation examination or have a corresponding qualification. The criteria for eligibility are stated in the Admissions Guide.


The next application period is 8.-27.1.2016. The entrance examinations are held from April to the end of May.


>> 5.5-year education Admissions Guide 2016

>> Application for dispensation to take the entrance examination

(NOTE! The dispensation form is not the application form! Please fill in the joint application at!)

Musiikin maisterin tutkintoon johtava koulutus (2,5 v)

Musiikin maisterin tutkintoon johtava koulutus (2,5 v)

The 2.5-year programme is intended for applicants with a Bachelor's degree or equivalent who wish to study further at the master's level. The criteria for eligibility are stated in the Admissions Guide.


The next application period is  The entrance examinations are held from April to the end of May.


>> 2.5-year education Admissions Guide 2016

Pääaineen vaihtaminen (vain Taideyliopiston opiskelijoille)

Pääaineen vaihtaminen (vain Taideyliopiston opiskelijoille)

The next application period is 8.-27.1.2016. The application form will be published on this page in January 2016.


>> Instructions on how to apply for a change of main subject / instrument 2016

>> Electronic application form


N.B.! A student can apply for a change of study right within his or her main subject or in classical music studies main instrument or voice (from the Bachelor level to the Master level) at any time by submitting a free-form application to the Admissions Office (siba.admissions(at) The applicant must also deliver a certificate of a completed university/polytechnic degree.



The next application period to Sibelius Academy's Junior Academy is 8.-27.1.2016 (the application period ends at 3 p.m. Finnish time on the last day of the period).


>> Junior Academy Admissions Guide 2016

>> Electronic application form


More information on Junior Academy can be found on our website here:

Tietoa valintakokeista

Sibelius Academy checks the applicants' eligibility after the application period has ended. The ones deemed eligible will get an invitation via e-mail no later than 2 weeks before the entrance examinations. In some programmes only a part of the applicants will be invited to take part in the actual entrance ecamination, based on their preliminary tasks. The ones who are not invited will be informed via e-mail ca. one month before the entrance examination date.


The applicants must attend the entrance examination in person and they are responsible for any travel expenses that accompany the entrance examination. Each applicant is given a set time for the entrance examination. The timeslot cannot be changed. The applicant must notify Sibelius Academy Admissions Office if he or she will not be able to attend the entrance examination.


Please notice that all non-EU/EEA citizens arriving in Finland for the purpose of studying are required to have health insurance. Health insurance is a requirement for obtaining a residence permit for studying. Read more here.


Do keep in mind that Sibelius Academy has language requirements for candidates that are applying with a foreign degree and are not citizens of an EU/EFTA-country. Enrol for your language test early enough, as the queues can be long!

* TOEFL test places (Uniarts Toefl DI code 0217)

* IELTS test places
* CAMBRIDGE test places
* Language testing in Finnish / Swedish

Valintakoepäivät ja koepaikat

Valintakoepäivät ja koepaikat

Examination places

Helsinki Music Centre / M-building
Töölönlahdenkatu 16, 00100 Helsinki


Nervanderinkatu 13, 00100 Helsinki


T-building (Wegelius Hall, Ackté Hall, T-auditorium, clasrooms T-)
Töölönkatu 28, 00260 Helsinki


Entrance examination timetable 2016

The examination dates will be published on this website as soon as they have been decided. Please note that the dates are preliminary. The exact dates and audition timetables will be given to applicants in the invitation they receive. The invitations will be sent out via e-mail no later than 2-3 weeks before the entrance examinations. Please contact us if you have not received an invitation by then!


We will be accepting video applications to the 2.5-year programmes in the following classical music instruments: oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, percussion, harp, and double bass. Te deadline for audition videos is the 25th of April 2016 (3 p.m. Finnish time).


The Junior Academy examinations will be held on the same day if nothing else is announced.


N.B.! General examinations in Music Theory and Solfége are held only once a week, so the audition may be on another day.


Arts Management: NO ADMISSION IN 2016


Church Music: 9.-13.5.2016


Classical music performance, instrument:

  • Accordion 12.5.2016
  • Bassoon (5.5-year) 16.5.2016
  • Cello 3.5.2016
  • Clarinet (5.5-year) 6.5.2016
  • Double bass (5.5-year) 17.5.2016
  • Early music 2.-4.5.2016
  • Euphonium (5.5-year) 7.5.2016
  • Flute 12.-14.5.2016
  • Fortepiano 18.5.2016
  • French horn (5.5-year) 20.5.2016
  • Guitar 3.-4.5.2016
  • Harp (5.5-year) 10.5.2016
  • Kantele 3.5.2016
  • Oboe (5.5-year) 16.5.2016
  • Organ 12.-13.5.2016
  • Percussion (5.5-year) 17.5.2016
  • Piano 9.-13.5.2016, Junior Academy 20.5.2016
  • Piano chamber music and lied 16.-17.5.2016
  • Saxophone 16.5.2016
  • Trombone (5.5-year) 7.5.2016
  • Trumpet (5.5-year) 20.5.2016
  • Tuba (5.5-year) 7.5.2016
  • Viola 19.5.2016
  • Violin 2.5.-7.5.2016, Junior Academy 7.5.2016


Classical music performance, voice:

  • Classical voice (5.5-year) 9.-13.5.2016
  • Vocal Pedagogy & Lied and Oratory 11.-13.5.2016 N.B. THE DATES HAVE CHANGED!
  • Opera coaching and collaborative piano 16.-17.5.2016
  • Opera: NO ADMISSION IN 2016


Composition and Music Theory: 2.-6.5.2016



  • Choral conducting 26.-27.4.2016 N.B. THE DATES HAVE CHANGED!
  • Orchestral conducting 22.-23.4.2016
  • Wind orchestral conducting 7.5.2016 N.B. THE DATES HAVE CHANGED!


Folk music: 16.-20.5.2016, Nofo: NO ADMISSION IN 2016



  • Global Music (5.5-year) 2.-6.5.2016 N.B. THE DATES HAVE CHANGED!
  • Nordic Master of Global Music (2.5-year) 11.-13.5.2016


Jazz, Nomazz: 9.-13.5.2016


Music Technology: NO ADMISSION IN 2016

Ohjeita valintakokeisiin valmistautumiseen

Ohjeita valintakokeisiin valmistautumiseen

1. How to submit the materials online using the DecisionDesk system

(Please see the Admissions Guide for information about the educations that use online submittal)

N.B.! Classical Music applicants should deliver their materials only after the application period has ended when they have received more information by e-mail!


2. Programme catalogues





3. Old examination tasks

>> COMPOSITION AND MUSIC THEORY: theory and analysis assignment for composition / music theory as a main subject exam

>> JAZZ: theory exam

>> GENERAL EXAMINATIONS IN MUSIC HISTORY, MUSIC THEORY AND SOLFÉGE: dictation task, solfége task, theory exam (tasks 1-3, task 4, task 5), music history task


4. Guide to general musicianship skills

The guide to general musicianship skills is a guide for students who plan to apply for classical instrumental or vocal studies, or church music studies at the Sibelius Academy.


Sibelius Academy Admissions Office
address: P.O. Box 32, 00097 Uniarts
(address for the courier mail: Töölönkatu 28, 00260 Helsinki, FINLAND)


Sibelius Academy Admissions Office opening hours in spring 2016
Sibelius Academy Admissions Office is open between 21.-27.1.2016 & 4.-10.2.2016 as follows: Mon 13-16, Tue 12-17, Wed 9-15, Thu 13-16, Fri 13-16
visiting address: Töölönkatu 28, Helsinki (5th floor)
phone: +358 40 7104 211 (open 8.1.-10.2.2016 on weekdays between 12-15 and during Admissions Office's opening hours)