Sound Design (degree programme)

Our programme gives you the skills to use sound and sound technology as a method of expression in performing arts.

Why study here?

Are you interested in sound? And performance? Would you like to study in a completely unique environment? The Degree Programme in Sound Design gives you the skills needed to work in performing arts as a professional with a strong artistic vision and excellent ability to use sound and sound technology as a method of expression. You will get to join a tight-knit community of lighting and sound design students.

Content and objective of the programme

The programme consists of three-year bachelor’s studies (180 cr) and two-year master’s studies (120 cr). During your bachelor’s studies, you will become familiar with the traditions, concepts, and current practices of your field and learn to master the means and methods of expression and artistic planning processes of sound design. The master’s studies broaden the student’s sound-aesthetic horizons, offer tools for analysis and argumentation, and support the student’s growth into an artist who is in active interaction with their surroundings. Interactivity plays a central role in studies and in students’ learning environment (read more about Interactivity in Performance Design, Vuorovaikutteisuus esityksessä, i.e. VES project).

The primary language of instruction is Finnish. However, students have the right to use Swedish both orally and in writing in connection with teaching and examinations, unless otherwise specified in the curriculum or required by the nature of teaching.

Collaboration-based studies

The aim of the programme is to support students’ continuous personal growth and to help them discover their identity as a member of an artistic team. The majority of the studies is arranged collaboratively as joint studies, demos and performance productions together with students of other degree programmes. We encourage future artists in the field of theatre to seek and establish joint themes, forms and work methods and a joint language for the stage, and to forge future partnerships by networking with fellow students. 

Performance activities are the common denominator for all the degree programmes of the Theatre Academy. In performances, the members of an artistic working group team up with a shared objective in mind, all utilising their own skills and methods of expression; sound designers work closely with lighting designers, dramaturges, directors, choreographers, costume designers and set designers to create the final result that is seen by the audience.

Versatile sound design professionals 

The Degree Programme in Sound Design produces professional sound specialists with good expressive and interactive skills for both the Finnish and the international arts and culture sector. Upon graduation, you will have the ability to adopt new kinds of work methods and new technologies suitable for artistic expression and know how to analyse them critically. A professional sound designer can work for a theatre or some other organisation as a permanent employee or for different businesses and groups and as a freelancer or an independent artist, both in Finland and around the world.

Master’s studies

In the programme, you will broaden your sound-aesthetic horizons, acquire tools for analysis and argumentation, and receive support for developing into an artist who is in active interaction with their surroundings. You will become an independent artist and possess the skills required to work as a creative and innovative member of an artistic team. You will be able to develop your artistic field and take it to the next stage both as an independent form of art and as one aspect of various artistic fields (theatre, dance, opera, circus, music, performance art, etc.).

Study module in Sound Art & Sonic Arts

The minor study module, offered in English, examines sound as a wide-ranging form of contemporary art. Read more about the study module in Sound Art & Sonic Arts.


Our teachers are experienced experts in their field. In addition to the permanent teaching staff, the programme welcomes top talents as guest teachers on a regular basis.

Applying to the programme

Student admissions to the Degree Programme and Master’s Studies in Sound Design are arranged on a yearly basis.

Our University is one of the most sought-after places to study in Finland. Browse the applicant statistics from previous years.

Doctoral studies

A master’s degree gives eligibility to complete a Doctor of Arts (Theatre and Drama) degree, for example, as a third-cycle degree. Doctoral studies in theatre are offered by the Performing Arts Research Centre (Tutke). 

You can apply to

Degree Programme in Sound Design

  • bachelors’ and master’s (5 years)
  • master’s (2 years)

Target degree

Master of Arts (Theatre and Drama)


Theatre Academy


Finnish Read more about our language policy

Tuition fee

Annual tuition fee €5,000 for students from outside the EU and EEA countries. Read more about the tuition fees.

Next application time

Next possible time to apply is in January 2022. Studies begin in August 2022.

Persons in charge

Jari Kauppinen

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