Tuire Kuusi

  • Professor, supervising doctoral theses and dissertations, performance studies, music and well-being, Docmus-tohtorikoulu, Research and doctoral education
  • +358407104337

Job description

Professor Tuire Kuusi works as the vice dean (responsible for research and doctoral education) at the Sibelius Academy and asa professor of music research in the DocMus Doctoral School (Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts, Helsinki). Her research interests are in music-theoretical concepts and their concrete representatives in music. She has conducted research on the perception of chords and continues this as the PI in an ongoing project “Unveiling the mystery of harmony” with PhD Iván Jimenéz (three years; KONE foundation). She has also carried out research on the effects of music in an individual’s life and topics related to teaching and supervising university students. Her work as a teacher involves supervising doctoral students (dissertations, theses, work as supervisor-in-charge). 

Tuire Kuusi is a chair or member in various governing bodies of the Sibelius Academy or the University of the Arts. Additionally, she is the Chair of the Tbilisi Conservatoire International Advisory Board.


  • harmony research
  • cognitive music research
  • research on music and wellbeing
  • musical ability
  • doctoral education
  • supervision