Camerata located in Helsinki Music Centre is a versatile concert hall, thanks to its adjustable acoustics.

Esiintymislava, jossa flyygeli ja harppu

Camerata is excellent for concerts with small ensembles in all music genres. In addition to concerts, the room is used for lectures and seminars.

The room is versatile and has fixed, ascending seating and diverse lighting and PA equipment. There are 239 seats.

The acoustics can be adjusted to control the reverberation to suit the needs of various events.

Facilities and activities

Helsinki Music Centre
Töölö campus


Mannerheimintie 13a, 00100 Helsinki, Suomi


Salen har 6 rullstolsplatser. Camerata ligger på första våningen i Musikhuset och man kan ta sig dit med hissen eller trapporna från Huvudfoajén.

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