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Sibelius Academy’s admissions results 2023 (Junior Academy)

You can also inquire about the results by e-mail at

Feedback on the entrance examinations

You have the opportunity to receive feedback on your entrance examination performance. Feedback is intended to guide you to further improve your performance and help you identify areas for development.

Junior Academy admissions results

The Dean of the Sibelius Academy has decided that the following applicants are admitted as students to the Sibelius Academy’s Junior Academy in 2023.

Junior Academy admissions has a combined waiting list, which can be found below.

Classical Music Performance (instrument)


  • Koivisto, Johannes Jalmari


  • Schultz, Oscar
  • Stupak, Alma Sofija Marjatta


  • Lahesmaa, Risto Arvo Eliel
  • Szurcsik, Jazmin

Double bass

  • Kantanen, Urho Ilmari Herman


  • Punkari, Eero Tatu Ilmari

French horn

  • Peltonen, Vilma Matilda
  • Räihä, Vilja Unna Vellamo


  • Ikäheimo, Urho Aapeli


  • Jylhä-Ollila, Viena Linnea


  • Gavrilov, Dmitrii
  • Palo, Tanya Emilia


  • Pietiläinen, Paulus Pietari
  • Äikäs, Stella Johanna


  • Leppäniemi, Nelli Yang Yang


  • Friman, Alberto Alexander August
  • a person who does not want their name shown on the website
  • Tikkanen, Vilma Ilona Aurora

No new students were admitted to other classical instruments.

Classical Music Performance (voice)

No new students.


No new students.

Folk Music

  • Prauda, Hilkka Maria
  • Pruiksma, Viljami Oiva Eskil

Global Music

  • Korpela, Iris Liisa Katariina
  • Mischenko, Elizaveta
  • Syrjänen, Justiina Salli Helinä

Jazz Music

  • Elomaa, Eelis Valentin
  • Koskela, Aalto Alvari
  • Krzywacki, Elis Ilari Kalevi
  • Miettunen, Nina Mia
  • Sanhaie, Wilfred

Music Theory

No new students.

Waiting list:

  1. Mäkiniemi, Vilma (Classical Music Performance/Voice)
  2. Anttila, Jemena Maria Sadetta (Classical Music Performance/Kantele)
  3. Iisakkila, Lilja Maria (Classical Music Performance/Violin)
  4. Lankila, Aino Emilia (Classical Music Performance/Flute)
  5. Åkerlund, Hugo Aaron (Classical Music Performance/Guitar)
  6. Sahi, Hiroto Arvid Johannes (Classical Music Performance/Percussion)
  7. Toijonen, Elsa Riikka Matilda (Classical Music Performance/French horn)
  8. Kaihola, Kerttu Inkeri (Classical Music Performance/Violin)
  9. Kivilaakso, Salla Aurora (Classical Music Performance/Cello)
  10. Kankainen, Essi Helena (Classical Music Performance/Guitar)
  11. Luoma, Iiris Sofia (Classical Music Performance/Violin)
  12. Kokkala, Iivari Johannes (Classical Music Performance/French horn)
  13. Katila, Venla (Classical Music Performance/piano)
  14. Herler, Senny Sara Sushila (Classical Music Performance/Violin)

Confirming your study place and delivering your school certificates

New students will receive registration instructions with the acceptance letter.

To retain the right to enroll to the programme you have been admitted to, you must fill in and deliver a confirmation document of the acceptance of the offered study place to Sibelius Academy no later than 14 July 2023 at 3pm (Finnish time). The confirmation document should be sent via e-mail to If you do not confirm your study place by the deadline, you will lose it.

If you have been admitted to Sibelius Academy’s Junior Academy, you must also submit a certificate of studying in elementary or secondary education in the school year of 2023-2024 (to The certificate must reach Sibelius Academy no later than 16 August 2023. If you fail to provide the certificate in time, you will lose your study place at Sibelius Academy.