Sonic Or­ganism – workshop­s

Invitation to participate in creation process of an audience co-emergent interactive performance, part of Hanna Pajala-Assefa’s doctoral research on Digital Choreography.

Kuvassa henkilö ja kolmijalkainen teline.
Hanna Pajala-Assefa

Sonic Organism will be an audience-generated, interactive performance in which the audience will generate the visual and sonic simulations of the work through their physical activity, thus creating a unique performative world in each event.

The researcher invites various groups and individuals interested in (mediated) performing arts to participate in the artistic practice of digital choreography research, which develops a new work that audio-visually mediates the movements of experiencers. The crafting and composing of such an interactive environment needs audience focus-groups to inform the creative practice.

In the workshops, a group of participants will explore the developed interaction mechanisms, live motion sonifications, and data-visualisations, through their collaborative expressive activity. Participants will explore improvisationally the interactive performance environment, the afforded intra-corporeal co-agency, and its expressive potential. They are also requested to reflect upon their experience and the comprehensibility of the system by giving feedback. Thus, contributing to the extended choreographic process.

Working group

  • Digital choreography, researcher Hanna Pajala-Assefa, Performing Arts Research Center Tutke
  • Movement sonification design: Janne Storm (guest)
  • Movement visualisation design: Tomi Paijo (guest)
  • Movement capture and data algorithm design: Aleksandar Koruga (Aalto University, SonicMove)

Sonic Organism is produced in collaboration with Aalto University, VTT and University of Eastern-Finland Sonic Move -research project. Read more about Sonic Move project here.

Participant info

As the work is based on audience participation as perceiver-performers in an interactive performance, participation requires giving consent to capture and use of movement data classified as personal data and the copyrights resulting from their performance, for the artwork and the research that examines it.

The duration of each workshop is 1-1.5 hours, including a working phase exploring the performative environment and a reflecting discussion on their observations. The size of groups is 3-15 people. Participation in the workshop does not require any previous performing experience or knowledge of interactive technology.


26.4.2024 at 15:00
27.4.2024 at 15:00
29.4.2024 at 18:00
2.5.2024 at 18:00
4.5.2024 at 15:00



Haapaniemenkatu 6

00530 Helsinki

Rehearsal Hall 534

Ticket sales begin 19.3.2024

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