Weidenfeller, Kathy

Bachelor of Music, Flute Performance, Hartt School of Music
Masters of Music, Flute Performance, Sibelius Academy of Music



Kathleen Weidenfeller: Returning Flutists: A Handbook for Directors of Adult Flute Ensembles

Abstract of the written thesis

By drawing on new understanding of adult learning and motivation, as well as traditions of classical improvisational pedagogy such as those developed by Emile Jacques-Dalcroze, I am developing a handbook of skills and tools for directors to use with adult players returning to a musical practice after a break in their studies. In particular, I am interested in how to incorporate improvisation using extended flute techniques into rehearsals in order to create a supportive space for players to regain confidence in and further develop their interpretive and technical musical skills.

The portfolio of this project will include a handbook for directors, with the main focus being on how to incorporate improvisatory exercises into rehearsals, as well as other practical needs of an adult ensemble. There will also be a concert of my ensemble, and videos of myself using the developed exercises with the ensemble. The report on the project will provide an overview of the theories used in developing the handbook and exercises, as well as giving an action-based overview of my development working with the ensemble, and testing the rehearsal techniques.