Vivolin, Malla

Master of Music, Sibelius Academy, 2011


Malla Vivolin: Narration in flute music. On becoming a performer through the effect of narrative elements in the repertoire

Abstract of the concert series plan

The primary aim of the degree is to examine the effect a program in music may have on the performance experience and the learning process from a flutist's narrative viewpoint. The main focus of the concert series is on post-romantic and modern repertoire. From more recent works, pieces that are of a more expressive character rather than strictly modernist have been chosen. The five degree concerts each have an individual theme: From the first concert's concrete nature motifs to describing the abstract human emotions in the final one. In each concert the performer's identity is observed from a different point of view; the flutist has different positions as a narrator and also adopts varied identities.

Abstract of the written thesis

In my written work I study my performer's identity though the narrativity of my "flautisthood": The different roles a flutist has on stage and the elements that affect both the progress and the outcome. The fundamental points of view considering narrativity in flute repertoire presented in my concert series are discussed and used as a tool to dig deeper into the process of rehearsing Peteris Vasks's (1946-) Landscape with Birds for flute solo (1980). The process of forming an interpretation of the piece and preparing a performance is examined through nature motives, spiritual aspects, the use of the performer’s voice in combination with the instrument’s sound and the effect of the composer’s and performer’s characters.