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Master’s graduates from 2011 are satisfied with their education

The University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki) was part of the master's degree career monitoring survey for the first time in autumn 2016. The survey was aimed at masters who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy or Theatre Academy in 2011. The results show that master’s degree graduates from 2011 are overall satisfied with the education they had received, but would add more studies in career skills to their degree.

According to the Aarresaari network’s survey, graduates who completed their master’s degree in 2011 at the Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy or Theatre Academy were overall satisfied with their degree and would recommend their education to others. The graduates noted that their degree gave them the necessary professional skills and helped them find employment. The graduates felt, however, that entrepreneurial career opportunities weren’t sufficiently highlighted during their studies. The respondents also hoped that the studies would give a clearer picture of the diversity of available job opportunities and careers. The graduates wished to receive more guidance related to producing and marketing art and applying for scholarships.

Uniarts Helsinki graduates had had an average number of 9.2 employers after their graduation, which is over triple the national average. A total of 80% of the respondents had worked as an entrepreneur or been self-employed or a freelancer after graduation. The respondents felt that the biggest factors that contributed to their employment were the ability to communicate their competence to others, their networking, and their other job experience.

Uniarts Helsinki’s vice rector responsible for education, Paula Tuovinen, says that the Aarresaari survey confirms the same message that the university has received from the student union and via student feedback.

– Students should be offered more studies in entrepreneurial and career skills, because the art sector and the whole professional sector in general is in a state of change, and the number of scholarships and permanent jobs is not expected to grow. Students should prepare themselves for the reality that awaits them in different art fields and be aware of the variety of job opportunities.

In 2011, the number of master’s degree graduates was 243. A total of 81 graduates, i.e. 33% of the masters who graduated in 2011, answered the survey. Click here for a more detailed report of the results.

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Aarresaari is a network of academic career services representing Finnish universities. The network offers services for university students, graduates and employers, as well as for the universities themselves. The career monitoring survey seeks information about the quality and appropriateness of the employment of individuals with academic qualifications, the development of their careers and satisfaction with the degree completed.