Perspectives on performance art practice

Theatre Academy Helsinki’s latest publication is Performance artist's workbook: on teaching and learning performance art: essays and exercises edited by Professor Pilvi Porkola. The aim of this book is to offer perspectives on performance art practice with a focus on teaching. This subject has rarely been approached in the literature and this book gives insights and inspiration for all those teaching performance art as well as to anyone else interested in this art form.

The first part of the book comprises articles by five performance artist, scholars and teachers: Professor Ray Langenbach, Dr Annette Arlander, Dr Hanna Järvinen, Dr Tero Nauha and Professor Pilvi Porkola. Each article gives different perspectives on performance art. But as we know, performance does not happen in words but in action, so the second part of the book is a collection of performance art exercises from 44 artists functioning here as calls to act.

“So I would simply say that performance art is about bodies, and about pres­ence in time and space. Sometimes it is interaction with the audience, but not always. It’s about the personal and the political, it’s figurative and conceptual, sometimes simple and sometimes complicated. It is an art form populated by committed and passionate people, who are ready to take risks and who don’t neglect the playfulness of performance. Moreover, it is much, much more than this, and that’s great.”
– Pilvi Porkola


PILVI PORKOLA (ED.): Performance artist's workbook: on teaching and learning performance art: essays and exercises. THEATRE ACADEMY HELSINKI PUBLICATION SERIES, NRO 61.

Price 12€. The publication can be bought at University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy’s Library (Haapaniemenkatu 6, Helsinki) or ordered at . Delivery cost 10 € / order. The publication is available online at


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