Contestants for the Sibelius violin competition chosen

The 11th International Jean Sibelius Violin Competition invites 45 prominent violinists from 13 countries to compete in Helsinki.

This year’s Jean Sibelius Violin Competition received a record amount of applications, 234 altogether from 29 countries. The Preliminary jury has chosen 45 contestants from 13 countries. The list of contestants as follows in alphabetical order:

  • Naoka Aoki (f), United Kingdom
  • Wonhee Bae (f), Germany
  • Hannah Soojin Cho (f), United States of America
  • Sarah Christian (f), Germany
  • Sara Etelävuori (f), Finland
  • Marina Grauman (f), Germany
  • Anna Göckel (f), France
  • Yoo Na Ha (f), France
  • Esther Hwang (f), Canada
  • Mayumi Kanagawa (f), Germany
  • Bomsori Kim (f), United States of America
  • Jeein Kim (f), South Korea
  • Da Kyung Kwak (f), United States of America
  • Stepan Lavrov (m), Poland
  • Christel Lee (f), Germany
  • Kerson Leong (m), Canada
  • Zeyu Victor Li (m), United States of America
  • Richard Lin (m), Taiwan
  • Tikhon Lukiyanenko (m), Russia
  • Kyung Ji Min (f), United States of America
  • Rustem Monasypov (m), Switzerland
  • Yasuka Morizono (f), Germany
  • Katerina Nazarova (f), United Kingdom
  • Seiji Okamoto (m), Japan
  • Taejun Park (m), Japan
  • Pekko Pulakka (m), Finland
  • Fedor Rudin (m), Germany
  • Anna Savkina (f), Russia
  • Lev Solodovnikov (m), Russia
  • Friederike Starkloff (f), Germany
  • Elly Suh (f), United States of America
  • Ryosuke Suho (m), Japan
  • Mai Suzuki (f), Austria
  • Elena Tarosyan (f), Russia
  • Stephen Tavani (m), United States of America
  • Diana Tishchenko (f), Germany
  • Emmanuel Tjeknavorian (m), Austria
  • Kasmir Uusitupa (m), Finland
  • Juho Valtonen (m), Finland
  • Xiao Wang (m), United States of America
  • Jungyoon Yang (f), Austria
  • Minami Yoshida (f), Japan
  • Laura Zarina (f), Germany
  • Eva Zavaro (f), France
  • Nancy Zhou (f), United States of America

Twenty contestants will be accepted for the second round. The names of those accepted for the competition will be announced on 17 September 2015. In the first and second round, the competitors will play both solo and with a pianist. In the second round, they will play one of the three best works composed for the First International Sibelius Composition Competition organised by the Sibelius Celebrations. In the finals, the six most successful competitors will each play two violin concertos, one of which will be the renowned Violin Concerto by Jean Sibelius.

The quinquennial International Jean Sibelius Violin Competition is one of the most prestigious music competitions in the world. The Sibelius Society of Finland launched the competition in 1965 in connection with the 100th anniversary of Sibelius’ birth. The competition is nowadays organised jointly by the Sibelius Society of Finland and the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

The Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE will broadcast the entire competition on the radio and online. The finals will be broadcast on TV. Tickets to the competition events are available via Lippupalvelu.

For more information:

General secretary Päivi Pousar
tel. +358 40 710 4217
Twitter: #sibeliusviolin