Sibelius Academy’s Arts Management Programme 20 Years

The programme releases an anniversary publication to celebrate two decades of education

The Arts Management master’s programme of the University of the Arts Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2017. To celebrate the occasion, the programme has released an anniversary publication, Making Sense of Arts Management: Research, Cases and Practices, which will approach the topical issues of arts management and entrepreneurship from both a national and an international perspective. The writers of the anniversary publication have all contributed to the development of the arts management programme, either as students, teachers, or researchers.
The Sibelius Academy launched its international Master's Programme in Arts Management in 1997. Before that, the Sibelius Academy’s Continuing Education Centre had organised managerial courses for folk music and other music business professionals for several years. The programme has always focused on leadership in arts organisations, and a meaningful combination of theory and practice has always been the key method of education. During the 20 years of operation, almost 200 arts managers have graduated from the programme. The current English-language master's programme emphasises cultural entrepreneurship, and approximately 10% of the students work in an entrepreneurial position within the arts.

- Students have become more proficient in arts management and as entrepreneurs during the past 20 years. The whole field is now more professional. We’ve had students from approximately 25 different countries, which has given a natural international dimension to the programme. Our emphasis is on entrepreneurship, financial skills, and societal impact. We believe this is the way to meet the requirements of the changing arts and culture scenes, says Professor Tanja Johansson, programme head.

The programme trains students to understand the structures, stakeholders, and changing circumstances in the arts and to apply their skills to administrative and leading roles. The programme also qualifies students for doctoral studies in arts management and entrepreneurship. The first doctor of arts management graduated in 2017, and doctoral studies in arts management are now an established part of the University of the Arts Helsinki’s doctoral school.
For further details please contact:
Professor Tanja Johansson, head of the Arts Management Department
University of the Arts Helsinki, Sibelius Academy

The Arts Management programme’s anniversary publication Making Sense of Arts Management: Research, Cases and Practices came out on 9 November 2017 in connection with the programme’s 20-year celebratory seminar. It is currently on sale at Unigrafia.

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