Branislav Dimitrijevic.

Resident Fellow Lecture 18.11. by Branislav Dimitrijevic

Academy of Fine Arts' current Resident Fellow, professor, curator Branislav Dimitrijevic will give a lecture in Exhibition Laboratory (Merimiehenkatu 36) on Wednesday 18 November at 6 pm. The title of his lecture is “Beware of the artists, they mix with all classes!” – Situating critical theory in art education. The lecture is open for all.

The talk will deal with the significance of “critical theory” in art education and will try to counter a common coagulum in art education where students are either led to believe that theory is some incomprehensible scarecrow, or that it is a recipe to be followed.

The title is taken from a letter of King Leopold to queen Victoria in mid 19th century. It is used as a point of departure to discuss whether there are still potentials in the form of art to act as a practice of emancipation, both personal and social, and as a platform of critical thinking and social intervention.

As presented from a point of view of an art historian, the talk will be illustrated with still relevant historical examples as well as with some contemporary attitudes in art. It is about exploring the historical tactics of modern artistic criticality and their contemporary consequences.

Branislav Dimitrijević (b.1967) is Professor of History and Theory of Art at School for Art and Design (VŠLPU) in Belgrade. He is a specialist in art and film in socialist Yugoslavia and also regularly writes on relations of contemporary artistic practices and socio-political issues. He has been active as a curator and his projects include large contemporary art exhibitions.

The Academy of Fine Arts' Resident Fellow programme is supported by Saastamoinen Foundation.