Photo: Wilma Hurskainen

Rasťo Jurčík: Flexible education in ways you didn´t even think of

Rasťo is a Slovakian accordion player, studying his second year of Master´s degree at the Sibelius Academy. His study days consist of practicing and studies, but at the end of the day there is also some spare time.

"I find the Sibelius Academy and especially its accordion class prestigious. I met my accordion teacher Mika Väyrynen here through Erasmus+ exchange programme and later decided to apply for the Master´s degree. I am very happy that I get to work with internationally respected accordion teachers. The level of teaching here is very high, the teachers are well educated and also respected artists in their fields. I also appreciate the curriculum´s flexibility. 

I am especially interested in contemporary music and here I get opportunities to engage in different classes, productions and concerts. There are plenty of opportunities to play chamber music, too. Here you can educate yourself in ways you maybe did not even think about before coming here.

First time I saw the Sibelius Academy premises I was very pleasantly surprised. I appreciate the technical equipment that is at our disposal. I can record my work and analyse it with my teachers if necessary.

One of the great benefits to us music students is that we usually can go to almost any concert for free or with a discount ticket. Helsinki is quite expensive - so consider your financial situation carefully before coming here. However, having said that, living is still fairly affordable for a student with all the student benefits and discounts.

I did not know much about the Finnish culture before beginning my studies at the Sibelius Academy. The Finnish people might be a little bit more reserved than in central Europe but they are always friendly and willing to help you out. In addition to this everybody speaks English, so you can get by also in your everyday life without learning Finnish."


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