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Paola Nieto: Priviledged to be a part of the Sibelius Academy community

Arts Management student Paola Nieto comes originally from Mexico. She is very grateful for various possibilities to attend professional events.

”The teachers in SibA are experts in their fields with long or remarkable careers. In the Arts Management program, there are diverse disciplines such as marketing, accounting, management, production, academic research, cultural policies, fundraising, or intellectual property. All of the teachers have different backgrounds: some belong to the academy, others to the private, independent or institutional sectors. Some are Finnish and others from abroad and this definitely enriches our perspectives and learning.  

In addition to the regular courses of the program, it is possible to enroll to others in SibA, Uniarts and other universities in Finland according to our interests. As an arts manager, is very important to watch and understand the artistic processes, so I have enrolled to some music courses in SibA, and will be doing the same in the Theatre Academy. What I appreciate the most are the opportunities to participate in seminars, workshops or conferences organized either by SibA or other institutions. I have been able to attend to Slush and Slush Music, Nordic Urban Lab and Tallinn Music Week with the support of my department.  

The program is a full-time program, but it is designed for people who are currently active in the field. This is why most of my Finnish classmates work besides the studies. In my case, I would say that most of the organizations require the Finnish language in order to work in positions of responsibility, so I'd rather not consider a job as a main method for supporting my studies. However, I have been able to volunteer for some events and even got a temporary paid job at April Jazz Festival.

SibA operates in three buildings, all located in the Töölönlahti area at a walking distance. The campus is in the City Centre and very close to where public transportations arrive from other parts of Helsinki. The buildings have student cafeterias, study rooms, performing halls, instrument storage, photocopy machines, kitchens and even gyms. Rooms can be booked very easily through the intranet and we can access the buildings at almost any time of the day. 

Helsinki is a beautiful city, very well organized, clean, green and easy to live in. I really love the fact that we are surrounded by nature. Nature is an important part of the city (and for the entire Finland, too), and it is accessible to anyone. One of the things that I appreciate the most from Finland is that always, at any time and at any place, I feel safe. As a woman, being able to walk alone at the middle of the night with no worries is a privilege for me. I have found that trust is in the base of every interaction and relationship of Finnish society, and this is something that I applaud. 

Sibelius Academy is an institution really committed to its students and our education – besides, it is also well known and recognized. That naturally opens doors to us and I feel priviledged to be a part of this community.”

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