Music technology degree education for 20 years: fresh focus on applied music

The Sibelius Academy has offered music technology degree education for 20 years. The degree programme’s versatile course offer resonates with the diversity of the field and has in recent years highlighted for example game and cinema music. The jubilee culminates in the MuTeFest festival on 26th to 30th November 2018. The five-day student run festival of music creation with technology, is showcasing for example Tuva singing, Karelian itkuvirsi tradition, electronic dance music and a new mobile application.

The department of music technology was founded in 1998 to answer to a distinct demand: Sibelius Academy should be able to function in the artistic environment of 21st century, assembling its new technology oriented expertise to form a centre sufficiently strong for building future environments of music technology for teaching and using them at the level required for university education and artistic work.

The education combines studies on music technology, creative and performing music and their research. Throughout the years the education has been actively following the development of its field. Lately it has incorporated different areas of applied music, such as game and film music, into its curriculum. At the moment, the Sibelius Academy's Music Technology Department has about 40 degree students and nine doctoral students. Professor of music technology, Andrew Bentley, was appointed to the Sibelius Academy in 2014. In addition to its permanent staff, the department has several international expert teaches annually. It also hosts one Academy of Finland post-doc researcher.

– During the years the music technology education has evolved into something much more than a degree programme. It is an international network, a community of current students, alumni, professional teachers and cooperating institutions completed with new venues at the Helsinki Music Centre and equipment tailored for the education’s specific needs, says Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski, head of the Music Technology Department.

MuTeFest 2018: From swamp soundscapes to sonic walk and electronic dance music

The 7th annual MuTeFest in November 2018 will offer a cavalcade of performances featuring the past, present and future of the Music Technology education at the Sibelius Academy. All concerts will include material which has never been played to the public before. The concert taking place on Wednesday 28th November proposes a path through intercultural musical projects, involving a duo for Karelian itkuvirsi and Tuva singing, swamps soundscapes recording, as well as electro and folk music  improvisation to lyrics, plus, Tuva throat singing combined with noise music. On Thursday 29th November, MuTeFest invites fans of experimental electronic music to Kaiku, one of the leading underground venue and hotspot for music fans. In addition to the concerts the audience is also invited to participate in the Töölönlahti Mobile Sonic Walks, which takes you to a walk around hte Töölönlahti area, listening compositions and soundscapes especially tailored for the environment, using your mobile phone, headphones, a mobile app and GPS technology.

More information: 

Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski, Head of Department, Music Technology Department
Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki 

MuTeFest events on the Uniarts website
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Tickets: 6€ (Ticketmaster), 5€ (Music Centre), free admission to some of the events
Festival pass 26.11.–30.11. (concert in the Kaiku club on November 29th not included) 17,50 € (Ticketmaster), 15€ (Musiikkitalo)

26.–30.11., Music Centre, Agora lobby, Sibelius Academy premises (1st floor), free admission
Sound art by music technology students and teachers at the Sibelius Academy in a 16-channel dome 

MuTe Not So Mute! CMT 20th Anniversary Concert
Mon 26.11. 7 p.m. Music Centre, Black Box

A cavalcade of performances featuring the past, present and future of the Centre for Music and Technology of the Sibelius Academy.

Discussion: Group musicianship and electronic music
Tue 27.11. 3 p.m Music Centre, Agora lobby, free admission

Discussion facilitated by Otso Lähdeoja.

Electronics and acoustics
Tue 27.11. 7 p.m., Music Centre, Black Box

New projects and pieces for acoustic instruments and electronics developed by students on various courses at the Centre for Music and Technology of the Sibelius Academy.

Demo of the Mobile Sonic Walks
Wed 28.11. 2 p.m. free admission

Demo of the Mobile Sonic Walks around Töölönlahti, launched at the entrance of the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki Music Centre, Töölönlahdenkatu 16 C. Take your mobile phone and headphones with you.

Voice, Electronics, Noise
Wed 28.11. 7 p.m. Music Centre, Black Box

Human voice meets electronics. The evening's pieces explore, among other themes, the aesthetic of ugliness in the form of intense electronic music.

Altertronic/Alter Echo – Music to Dance
Thu 29.11. 10 p.m. Kaiku-klubi club, Tickets: EUR 5, only at the door

Altertronic / Alter Echo builds on the theme of last year’s Music to Dance by combining electronic dance beats with improvisation and live instruments.

Gestures of music and the sound of movement
Fri 30.11. 7 p.m., Music Centre, Black Boxklo 19, Musiikkitalo, Black Box

An inter-art performance piece exploring the collaboration of sound and movement, bringing visual and auditive elements together in a seamless whole.