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Exhibitions and events at the Academy of Fine Arts in spring 2017

This spring, Exhibition Laboratory will organise exhibitions that will feature curated works as well as art made as part of Master’s thesis projects and university courses. Master’s thesis project exhibitions will continue at Project Room, located in Lönnrotinkatu, and they will feature works by eight graduating artists.

Exhibition Laboratory kicks of the year with If you see this today – we are exhibiting tomorrow, a group exhibition by Master’s students of Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Art (Kungliga Konsthögskolan) from 20 January to 5 February. The Academy of Fine Arts and Royal Institute of Art have collaborated through exhibition exchanges for several years now, and as part of this partnership, artworks by Academy of Fine Arts students will be on display in an exhibition in Galleri Mejan in Stockholm later on in 2017.

Yassine Khaled’s exhibition A Territory Under Mama will be on display on the lower floor of the gallery during the same time period, and it evokes questions of balance. Maintaining balance is often a struggle, whether it involves the relationship between different objects or alternatively immaterial, political and institutional power structures. Moroccan-born Khaled’s works are multidisciplinary, ranging from sculpture, installation and performance art to painting and moving image. His works often deal with the fundamental problem of the human race: the conflict between the power and wealth of some, and the powerlessness and poverty of others. The work is part of Khaled’s thesis project for his Master of Fine Arts degree.

From 17 February to 12 March, Exhibition Laboratory will be taken over by a group exhibition called Practical Masochism, which centres on the artist’s emotions of confusion revolving around everything from making and performing art to talking about the artwork. Quite often, the art delves into intimate themes that are difficult to discuss openly, such as family, identity or sexuality. The exhibition features works by students and alumni, including Elissa Aaltonen, Aino Aksenja, Artor Jesus Inkerö, Okku Nuutilainen, Marjatta Oja, Jaana Ristola and Iona Roisin. The curators of the exhibition are Praxis Master’s student Mariliis Rebane and Iona Roisin.

The upstairs of the gallery will provide the space for an exhibition by Ksenia Yurkova, a Russian artist photographer and student of time and space arts at the Academy of Fine Arts. Empty Expectations will feature her photographs, moving image work and photo books.

Rethinking Digitalization, opening on 24 March, focuses on the topical theme of digitalisation from the perspective of Academy of Fine Arts students. The students have also invited groups, organisations and theorists to reflect on the subject in the exhibition. Meanwhile, the upstairs of the gallery will host SNR, an exhibition featuring art made during a course supervised by artist Tuomo Rainio.

Artist Gregoire Rousseau will supervise the Video&Sculpture course, which will once again result in an exhibition at Exhibition Laboratory. Visual artists and art students have invited sound artists to collaborate with them in the Proposition For Waiting For the Future exhibition.

Continuing the tradition from previous years, the spring semester will end in the MFA Degree Show Kuvan Kevät, which runs from 6 to 28 May. A total of 47 graduating artists have entered into the MFA Degree Show. The exhibition’s locations include both of the Academy of Fine Arts galleries in the city centre as well as an extra exhibition space and the HAM Corner in the Helsinki Art Museum.

Thesis project exhibitions at Project Room

Students’ thesis project exhibitions will continue at Project Room this spring. This season, the exhibitions will feature works by eight students who are completing their Master of Fine Arts degree.

In an exhibition running from 13 to 29 January, Felipe de Ávila turns traces of human life and behaviour into dystopian strata of the future. de Ávila is a multidisciplinary artist, who combines sculpture with painting and writing and also uses elements of moving image and 3D printing in his art. Other artists whose work will be on display at Project Room are Dylan Arnold, Kristian Jalava, Liina Kuittinen, Jenni Lahtinen, Okku Nuutilainen, Niina Tervo and Ninni Wager.

Prognostics lectures showcase lens-based art

In spring 2017, the Prognostics lectures will introduce the public to young artists who use lens-based media in their artistic expression. In their art, they explore the invisible in the visible: how immaterial things like dreams, errors or ghosts materialise and find their visual form. The lectures take place on Wednesday evenings at 18. The dates will be announced later this spring. The Prognostics lecture series is supported by the Saastamoinen Foundation.

Please note that the programme is subject to changes and updates. More information and an up-to-date event calendar is available at: uniarts.fi/en/calendar