Photo: Sanni Siira

Thesis projects on choreography presented in Zodiak on 3.5. kl 17

The graduating choreographers of the spring 2018 will present their thesis projects in Zodiak - Center for New Dance in 3.5. They are Jenni-Elina von Bagh, Sara Gurevitsch, Sebastian Lopez-Lehto and Iiro Näkki.

Each presentation takes 45 minutes, starting at even hours.
The language of the presentations is Finnish. 


Iiro Näkki: provide

provide is a video installation, a gallery and a dance piece. It reflects on the personal relationship to the building of the performance space as the condition of the choreographic working itself. The piece is looking for ways to open up the meanings of its movements in relation to already lived, experienced and traveled spaces by deconstructing its aesthetics. 

provide is a living installation of embodied practise, a movement research and a product of a personal history of practising. It is a part of a series of small space and context bound works. One of them Kaareutuva, has been performed in Kuopio in 2016. 

Premier: 27.19.2017 kl 12 / Dance Theatre Minimi, Kuopio


Jenni-Elina von Bagh: a life – nomadic melodrama

A life suggests a translation of the philosophical concept "a life" (Deleuze) into the context of performance. It´s inspired by a radical suggestion of life that includes not only the organic but also the inorganic, not only life but also death. At the same time it asks about the very place where we are in our lives right now, through being with these questions.

Our interests in this work are also playfulness of language, voice, and body in a constant state of question and compositional play.

"A life is everywhere, in all the moments that a given living subject goes through and that are measured by given lived objects: an immanent life carrying with it the events or singularities that are merely actualized in subjects and objects. "(Deleuze)

Ensi-ilta to 16.11. kl 19 / Kallio Stage, Pengerkatu 11 A.


Sebastian López-Lehto: Oceanic

About the content of the written part: ”The aim is to create a piece, with the concept of ”oceanic feeling” being both the starting point and the object of the exploration. Aim is to study the concept and to it’s relations to religious experiences and overall experience of a world as a meaningful supportiveness. On one hand the concept refers to an experience of a momentary dissolution of the sensory and psychological boundaries of the self an on the other hand to broader pre-intentional feeling relating to sensation of being supported by the world (without the dissolution of the self).

Premier: 8.12.2017. kl 19 / Studio 2, Theatre Academy


Sara Gurevitsch: Working within from the belly of a beast (working title)

”Starting point of the piece is an interest towards electricity and nervous system, the way the tremor passes through all of the areas of the body. I wanted to compress the constantly present tremor of the body and to warm it up to be more porous. At the same time the perception of the self and space is being warmed up. (Beside with the working process came along Peter Sloterdjik’s essay Mobilization of the planet from the spirit of self-intensification and philosopher A.N. Whitehead’s process ontological terminology, such as, prehensile.)

At he beginning the name of the piece was Dry storm. It’s starting point was a constant change brought by the information and the being under influence of non-material things.

Since then we have started to call the piece Working within from the belly of a beast, but the foundation is still the causations between invisible, outer phenomenon. During the research phase we build spaces within ourselves in relation to materials and each other. The space materialises through this process, originating from the experience. The project started when I was building with a fishing line. I was intrigued by the clear texture of it. All the other materials that we chose, like wood, hosepipe and performers, shared this quality of strong kinaesthetic feeling. 

We want to bring forward relativities, that are already there in the materials and in the performers. Hope is to broaden the idea of otherness and to demand for acceptance of the self, others and ones decision. Hope is the observing the constant change and turmoil could help with flexibility.” (Source: Interview on Sara in the Art University’s IssueX-magazine.)

Premier: 7.2.2018 kl 19 / Kallio Stage, Pengerkatu 11 A.