Photo: Miklos Gaál
Otto Karvonen, 2006

Unauthorized: Seminar on Non-Commissioned Public Art, April 12th–13th

On April 12–13, Academy of Fine Arts' Printmaking Department organizes a public seminar on illicit public art.

Unauthorized art in the public realm – graffiti, street art and other artistic interventions – has been around for a long while. We see it on the street as well as in the media. Its strategies and esthetics are commonly used in popular culture. In arts education and contemporary art discourse unauthorized public art, such as graffiti and street art, is being frequently referred to, but in this context used as a curiosity or an ultimate reference point. Often it is seen as a representation of  outsider art – something  which is not defined by art's institutional agents.

Unauthorized public art is seldom addressed in its own terms. The aim of the seminar is to clarify the fundamental concepts of illicit public art in its various forms and to tell about its history, as well as shed light on the motives of its makers. The invited speakers are experts, scholars and practitioners of this diverse field.

Unauthorized – Seminar on Non-Commissioned Public Art, 12–13 April, 2016
9.30am - 4pm, Auditorium 1, Theatre Academy, Haapaniemenkatu 6
​Seminar is held in English, except Wednesday morning session in Finnish. The seminar is open for anyone to attend.

Seminar speakers:

Anssi Arte, graphic designer
EGS, graffiti artist
Elissa Eriksson, visual artist
Amir Escandari, film director
Tuomas Jääskeläinen, photographer
Otto Karvonen, visual artist
Jacob Kimvall, art critic, PhD, lecturer, University of Stockholm and Konsfack
Tuomas Siitonen, architect
Jari Tamminen, journalist
Jonna Tolonen, researcher

Seminar programme and introduction of the speakers and their presentations

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