Dr. Lidia Varbanova bringing forward strategic management in the arts

Consultant, educator and coach Lidia Varbanova was invited to visit the Department of Arts Management at Sibelius Academy as a part of a course in strategic management. Coming from a strong background of both arts and economics, she tells us about her natural interest in finding solutions for artists to make it in the global world, to earn their incomes and increase their audiences, as well as to gain international visibility.

"My grandfather and my uncle were both musicians and I play piano and sing since my childhood. My father was a prominent Professor and passionate educator. When I obtained my PhD in Economics, I decided to find out a way to combine these two fields", she says.

During Dr. Varbanova's two-day visit at Sibelius Academy she met with the Arts Management Master degree students to talk about cultural leadership and the importance of the strategic thinking in the arts management practice: what does it mean to be a good strategic leader as well as a good strategic manager? How to be entrepreneurial, proactive, to generate innovative ideas while at the same time following the organisational development.

"When touching upon the topic of entrepreneurship in the arts, there is no general rule as it always depends on the context: is the artist independent, or working within an organization; what is the country and the region where the artist works, and so on. I have to say that I love Finnish people – I find them very kind, honest, tolerant and deep in their emotions, which on another hand they do not express very openly", Varbanova compliments.

According to Dr. Varbanova, being an ”artpreneur” or a ”musicpreneur” is a question of a life choice. What does she think - does every artist have to be also an entrepreneur in order to be successful; does globalization helps,or is a threat for artpreneurs? Look and listen to Dr. Varbanova's interview. For further information about her, visit her website: www.lidiavarbanova.ca