Clarinettist Lucy Abrams: You get to build your own schedule

Out of the four music schools in North America and Europe that she has attended, the Sibelius Academy is the one U.S. born clarinettist Lucy Abrams calls home.

- I had heard great things about the Sibelius Academy from musicians I had worked and studied with internationally. Yet I was surprised by how free and open everything is compared to my former schools. The Sibelius Academy offers the most freedom to build your own schedule based on what you individually want to accomplish. A study environment like this naturally only benefits those who know what they want and are willing to work for it. Maturity is key. As capital cities go, Helsinki has something for everybody. It is very clean, close to nature and has a great public transit system. It is also the safest and most approachable big city I have ever been to – even by Nordic standards!