Arts Management: Student experiences

Arts Management has been taught as a separate Master's programme at the Sibelius Academy since 1997 - that is, 20 years already! We briefly met three of the programme’s current students from class 2017 and asked how they see their studies and what brought them to the Sibelius Academy.

Paola Elean Nieto Paredes, Mexico

I w­­anted to professionalize myself in this field. The programme itself interested me, since there is nothing like this in Mexico where I’m from. What am I expecting? To learn and to improve myself, getting closer to being a professional arts manager. I see Arts Manager as a professional building dialogues and bridges among people in the arts sector.


Lissu Kirves, Finland

I have background in events management and I wanted to learn more about what I am actually already doing – I want to become a better professional, to get deeper into the framework and the research of the field. These 2 months we have now been studying have been intensive and given me a lot of new information. I’m already starting to build a basis for a new professional career and new professional identity. I’m expecting the studies to go deep in the cultural management – to teach me even more about the international way of doing things.


Virpi Kurkihovi, Finland

I have been working in the cultural field for all my life – previously as a dance teacher and a choregorapher an also as a producer. In the working life, I faced the fact that even more often I need a master’s degree to be able to get the jobs I want to apply to.­­ I found the Sibelius Academy Arts Management programme a good place to update my skills. My expectations? I’m looking forward to get contacts, to understand the bigger picture in the Arts Management field and also to learn about all the job possibilities there are in the field – since I feel there are a lot of opportunities I don’t even know about.­­ Somehow if I could asked I’d like to connect the theoretical aspects even more to the practise, since I’m a ”hands-in-the-mud” person It has been quite hectic.