Victoria Pérez Royo: Figures of Utopia

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Viktoria Pérez Royo: Figures of Utopia, Modes of Affirmative Disagreement in Current Dance and Performance

Guest lecture on February 7th 2015, in the "Artist in society" seminar organized by the MA Programmes in Choreography of Theatre Academy Helsinki and DOCH Stockholm in co-operation with the Side Step festival of Zodiak - Center for New Dance.

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In lecture "Figures of utopia. Modes of affirmative disagreement in current dance and performance", Victoria Pérez Royo discusses some of the current utopic figures in the field of dance and performance that are transforming the field, not just in relation to what happens on stage, but also in relation to modes of production, research, distribution and curating. These figures refer to a wide range of current political practices in dance and performance such as collective self-organization and self-constitution, new forms of institutionality, experimentation with collective decision-making, vindication of bodily presence, em-powering processes and strategies to avoid the capitalization of artistic practices, among others.

Victoria Pérez Royo is a performing arts researcher based in Berlin and Madrid.