Laura Perez-Leon: Photographic Potentialities: Transparency, Opacity and Social Interactions

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Laura Perez-Leon: Photographic Potentialities: Transparency, Opacity and Social Interactions, key note at Photographic Epistemologies - A PEPI Seminar 25 October 2019 at The Finnish Museum of Photography, Cable Factory (Helsinki). 

Laura Perez-Leon is a visiting faculty member at Cornell University. Her current research focuses on the intersections between the philosophy of perception, social ontology and aesthetics. Laura has published articles on social vision and visual attention, social vision and possibilities for action, and the problems of perception, and a volume of recent work on the theme of affordances will appear in 2020. Her framing of certain philosophical problems has coexisted with her interest in furthering public and collective philosophy and bilingual philosophical inquiry. Currently, she collaborates with an independent collective in Ithaca, NY, joined by persons interested in public inquiry and art. 

Academy of Finland research project Post-Digital Epistemologies of the Photographic Image (PEPI) organises a seminar on Photographic Epistemologies at the Finnish Museum of Photography. PEPI (2019–2022) combines psychology, visual studies and artistic research. The project studies photographic epistemologies in post-digital condition where the photograph has become a dynamic data object with three faces: the visible surface facing the viewer, the interface suggesting various connections, and the invisible subface of algorithmic processes. What do these three faces and their entanglement tell us? What kind of epistemologies do they imply?