Jaana Kokko: Some words about vulnerability and strength. 10.12.2018

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Jaana Kokko hosted 10.12.2018 the KuvA Research Day “If empathy is followed by meaning”at the Exhibition Laboratory gallery (Helsinki).
The word empathy is currently on everyone’s lips and figures in our talks like mushrooms in the forest after a rainy day. We try to understand our companions, the novel we read, the piece of music we hear, the painting we see, through empathy. Vulnerability and pain are attributes we use when we try to understand the other. This 1st day of the Research Days is questioning the subsumptive role of empathy, starting from the fact that empathy is not a feeling. The day gathers together artist from different fields. This first research day presents a free model for gathering together and encouraging taking part in the discussion. Being together is also asking how we learn in the academic context. Soup will be served!