Erick Beltrán: Introduction – Bildmann, Wildmann. 12.12.2018

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Erick Beltrán: Introduction – Bildmann, Wildmann. A detailed analysis of Lucas Cranach’s the elder engraving “Papst as Wildmann” will introduce us the tradition of thought in which images are divine force. Iconology as a nonlinear stream of images in constant motion attached to psyche through emotion. The meaning of images as a force field interacting with the present reactivating forms, contexts and therefore ideologies.
The KuvA Research day 12.12.2018 had the topic: Bildmann, Wildmann – Image, social psyche and multiplicity. The research day focused on images and the ways in which they work as catalysts of social psyche. We will be focusing on the questions: How to read images in present times?  Which are the images that represent the social/commune? How do we represent power? What is the relation between “image holders” and power? We will study images as the secret language of the universe, the consequences of pathosformel in social self-representation, the migration of images from one horizon to another and form as a visual symptom of ideology. The relation between images and social reality is not a matter of interpretation; it builds on the intrinsic force of pictorial appearance: Images are action.