Christina Kullberg: Édouard Glissant and the Materiality of Language(s). 11.12.2018

| video

This talk during the KuvA Research days 11.12.2018 critically explores how Martinican writer and thinker Édouard Glissant develops a profoundly material conception of language that emerges in the tensions between two competing aesthetic models: the first one, which dominates the earlier years, is deeply rooted in French modernist discourse and is articulated under the sign of Stéphane Mallarmé whereas the second, which is also present from the beginning, but blooms with Poétique de la Relation in 1991, is rooted in the history of colonization as well as in European early modern aesthetic: the baroque. This materiality of languages, I argue, draws his literature and thinking towards other forms of expression, notably art, and is at the core of his poetics and politics of Relation.