Photo: Shelley Etkin


Sunnuntai, toukokuu 27, 2018 - 11:45
Lipunmyynti alkaa 04.05.2018 12:00
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Taideyliopiston Teatterikorkeakoulu / MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance 


Rather than assuming a territorial notion of land, Landings offers a facilitated somatic/psychic journeying experience, a shared formation with land, a queer morphology.

The event will offer an experiential invitation to a journeying practice. This has been part of a research process which explores methodologies for mutual communicative exchange with land. Participants will be guided to enter the gaps of perception by way of a meditative journey that works with intuition through sensations, visualisations, and reflections.

Landings will take place on Vallisaari island in group sessions. The arrival is by ferry from Kauppatori Market Square. There is no ticket fee, but the ferry travel costs 8€ roundtrip.

Please register online for one of the group landing sessions, as capacity is limited:

#1: Meet at Vallisaari on JT lines dock at 11:45

#2: Meet at Vallisaari on JT lines dock at 15:30

The meeting point for Landings is at the Vallisaari JT ferry lines dock where you will exit the boat. You will be met and guided from there.

The duration from then will be approximately 2 hours. Picnic refreshments will be provided afterwards.

Please check the ferry times with JT lines: