Photo: Tomi Lähdesmäki

An excellente priestlie polska

Perjantai, syyskuu 27, 2019 - 19:00 - 20:00
Music Centre, Camerata
Lipunmyynti alkaa 19.08.2019 09:30
Liput: 6,50-18,00€
Folk music from South Ostrobothnia.

A programme of 18th-century folk music from South Ostrobothnia, performed on the fascinating combination of fiddle and Baroque harpsichord.

In 1809, a tailor, translator and copyist named Samuel Rinta-Nikkola (1763–1818) in Ilmajoki wrote down a collection of tunes that is regarded as one of the most important documents of Finnish folk music. The polska tunes notated by Rinta-Nikkola and performed in this programme are an entrancing merger of archaic dance tunes and echoes from the salons of the nobility.

Piia Kleemola, violin
Tea Polso, harpsichord

Tiina Halonen, 040 710 4301,