Soirée Offenbach – An evening with operetta tunes by Jacques Offenbach

Perjantai, lokakuu 11, 2019 - 18:30 - 20:00
Music Centre, Sonore
Lipunmyynti alkaa 19.08.2019 09:30
Liput: 11,50-34€
Operetta tunes.

Gems from the operettas of Jacques Offenbach come to life in a sparkling cultured salon where some of the great and the good in early 20th-century art have come to spend time.

In the course of the evening, the guests are inspired to perform scenes and numbers from operettas such as Orpheus in the Underworld, The Tales of Hoffmann and La belle Hélène.

In the spirit of the Belle Époque, this is a night of chandeliers and dazzling costumes – in the fashion of the day that even dared to show some leg.

Sibelius Academy Opera & Helsinki Sinfonietta
Markus Lehtinen, conductor
Markku Nenonen, director and sets
Elina Kolehmainen, costumes
Tuija Luukkainen, make-up
Eero Erkamo, lights

Cast: Réka Bata, Minna-Leena Lahti, Topias Lundell, Rachel Mcintosh, Isabella Shaw, Henri Tikkanen and Jussi Vänttinen

Tue 8 Oct at 18.30
Wed 9 Oct at 18.30
Fri 11 Oct at 18.30
Sat 12 Oct at 16.00

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