CANCELED!! Prognostics lecture: Hicham Berrada

Keskiviikko, joulukuu 7, 2016 - 18:00 - 19:30
Exhibition Laboratory


Prognostics lecture: Hicham Berrada

Hicham Berrada, (b.1986 Morocco), is a French-Moroccan artist who uses scientific methods in his art. Berrada creates constantly evolving chemical tables which makes his approach similar to that of a painter.

Berrada attended scientific studies in Casablanca before starting at the Beaux Arts in Paris. In 2011, he joined Le Fresnoy.

Hicham Berrada specializes in the creation of forms in constant process by using chemicals such as silicates, carbonates and sulfates trapped in water glass tanks. The chemicals in the tanks react and precipitate and their forms and movement depend on conditions such as type and concentrations of reactants and temperature.

His designs are based on knowledge of science, particularly in chemistry, physics and nanoscience.

In September 2013, Hicham Berrada was a resident at Villa Medici.

Berrada is represented by Galerie Kamel Mennour in Paris. He lives and works in Paris, France.

More information about the artist:

During autumn 2016 the Prognostics lectures focus on the tradition of abstraction and its appearance in today’s art. The starting point is on the one hand the tradition of abstract expressionism in the work of young artists of today. On the other hand the emphasis is on the legacy of the informal or formless in postminimalism after the 1960’s, which today gets a conceptual context in the framework of  nonhuman and materialistic actors.

The Prognostic lecture series is supported by Saastamoinen Foundation.

The Prognostic lecture series will continue in spring 2017.