Global Fest: Karaka-Tum Percussion Ensemble

Keskiviikko, joulukuu 11, 2019 - 16:30 - 17:15
Music Centre, Päälämpiö
Vapaa pääsy
Brazilian percussionist Adriano Adewale performs with wide range of percussion instruments.

Led by Brazilian percussionist Adriano Adewale, Karaka-Tum draws on a wide range of percussion instruments including conventional, non-conventional, body and vocal percussion. Inspired by Afro-Brazilian rhythms, this large percussion ensemble incorporates drumming, song and dance to create a dynamic and creative sound world.

Adriano Adewale, percussion, direction
Students from the Global Music Programme


Now in its fourth year, Global Fest is the annual festival of students, teachers, alumni and guest performers in the Global Music degree programme at the Sibelius Academy. The festival celebrates cultural diversity and builds bridges for intercultural communication, understanding and collaboration through music and the arts in general.

This year, the festival takes place from 11 to 13 December and features performers from Aruba, Australia, Brazil, Catalonia, China, Finland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Greece, Nepal, Senegal, Serbia, Spain and Tanzania.

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