With Brass & Winds

Perjantai, maaliskuu 15, 2019 - 19:00 - 20:00
Temppeliaukion kirkko
Vapaa pääsy
Wind orcestra music.

With Brass & Winds is Sauli Saarinen´s wind orchestra conducting exam (B.M.) for the Sibelius Academy. Helsinki based musicians will be performing a versatile array of wind music from 20th century.

The evening is going to start with a piece from 1923 by Stravinsky: ’Octet for Wind instruments’. This piece is from Stravinsky´s neoclassical era. The instrumentation is exeptional: one flute, one clarinet, two bassoon, two trumpet and two trombone.

“The Octet began with a dream, in which I saw myself in a small room surrounded by a small group of instrumentalists playing some attractive music... I awoke from this little concert in a state of great delight and anticipation and the next morning began to compose.”

Magnus Lindberg is one of the most respected finnish composers of our time. His work is being performed around the world regularly. 'Gran Duo' is based upon a dialogue between woodwinds and brass instruments. There are some 20 cycles or sets of eight characters that each have their own tempo. Each textural character has a tempo specific to it whenever it appears. This is hidden in such a way that one cannot necessarily recognise every entry. Gran Duo had it´s world premier in march 8th 2000 in London. Where it was performed by Birmingham Symphony Orchestra with Sir Simon Rattle as their conductor.

’Fanfares Liturgiques’ is a composition from Henri Tomasi for brass and percussions. It was composed in 1947. In the last movement of this piece, Tomasi wrote the parts for a solo soprano and mixed choir, but they are rarely performed. In this concert you will hear Fanfares Liturgiques in it´s entirety with the soprano and the choir. The choir in this concert has been assembled from many choirs all around Helsinki and the solo soprano will be Johanna Isokoski.

Sauli Saarinen, conductor
Johanna Isokoski, soprano
Brass and woodwind ensembles assembled from Helsinki musicians (Akateeminen Laulu, HYMSKK, Eteläsuomalaisen Osakunnan Laulajat EOL, Keskisuomalaisen Osakunnan kuoro Metsoforte ja Wiipurilaisen Osakunnan Laulajat)

Stravinsky: Octet for wind instruments
Lindberg: Gran Duo
Tomasi: Fanfares Liturgiques

Sauli Saarinen, sauli.saarinen@uniarts.fi