Online: Sculpture on a Burning Planet

Welcome to the ”Sculpture on a Burning Planet” lecture series starting on Thursday 23rd September. It is held online in Zoom, and we have four great guest speakers over the autumn semester. 

All lectures start at 17.00 (GMT +2) and are free and open to all. The language of presentation is English. The series is presented by Professor Andy Best, Uniarts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts.

Our planet is literally burning. Weather systems are becoming more extreme and destructive – and not just in the usual “hurricane belt” – witness the flooding in central Europe and in China, and the wildfires in Northern America during the summer of 2021. The challenge of Climate Change sends politicians and corporations in search of quick fixes and the Holy Grail of “clean energy”. Exploration and mining for rare-earth elements puts increasing pressure on pristine wilderness and indigenous people’s lands. How do artists and the art world react to these developments? The international art world itself is driven by carbon-hungry practices, in the production, presentation, and marketing of artists and artworks. In this lecture series, four renowned experts (artists and researchers) present hopeful possibilities for future artistic practise in this age of environmental crisis, with a particular focus on sculpture and environmental art. 

Thursday 23 September Ki Nurmenniemi: Combustive Art
Passcode: 925062 

Wednesday 6 October Sanna Lehtinen: Environmental Aesthetics and Art in the Age of Extractivism
Passcode: 113735 

Wednesday 10 November Taru Elfving: Curating on Shifting Shorelines
Passcode: 334109 

Wednesday 24 November Erich Berger: Of (Deep)Time Machines and Spectral Landscapes – Tales of the Rare Earth
Passcode: 495851 


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