Prognostics lecture: Birk Bjørlo

Keskiviikko, marraskuu 23, 2016 - 18:00 - 19:30
Exhibition Laboratory

Prognostics lecture: Birk Bjørlo

The abstract spaces of Birk Bjørlo’s (b. 1986, Hønefoss, Norway) works draw on the meditative, the bodily and the contemplative.

In the works of Bjørlo, there is a focus on time, on the slowness of the process. By dwelling in front of the seemingly empty, white canvas, he breaks with painting tradition, habits and with his own ideas of the finished work. In this slow process, he reaches some kind of point zero, and is able to let go to chance, and the opportunities it brings him.

Bjørlo works span between controlling the uncontrollable process, and at the same time letting uncontrollable actions take him in new directions. There is always a curiosity towards investigating the abstract and more technically, to what paint can actually do.

He lives and works in Copenhagen, where he graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in 2014. His work have been shown in exhibitions at, amongst others, &Model in Leeds (UK); Galerie Weissraum in Kyoto (JA) and Showroom in Malmö (SE).

During autumn 2016 the Prognostics lectures focus on the tradition of abstraction and its appearance in today’s art. The starting point is on the one hand the tradition of abstract expressionism in the work of young artists of today. On the other hand the emphasis is on the legacy of the informal or formless in postminimalism after the 1960’s, which today gets a conceptual context in the framework of  nonhuman and materialistic actors.

The Prognostic lecture series is supported by Saastamoinen Foundation.

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