Animal and the Logic of Others

Perjantai, kesäkuu 9, 2017 - 11:00 - Sunnuntai, heinäkuu 30, 2017 - 18:00
Exhibition Laboratory

Avajaiset/Opening 8.6. klo 18–21. Tervetuloa! Welcome!

A decade into the omnipresent “Non-Human Turn”, art historian Hanna Johansson and Moving Image artist Caspar Stracke, both Professors at the Academy Fine Arts of Uniarts Helsinki curated an exhibition at the Academy’s Exhibition Laboratory as the outcome of a theme-oriented intensive course on Posthumanism in Contemporary Art. 

Posthumanism is addressed here both as an historical concept that first appeared around mid-twentieth century and as a contemporary umbrella term which gathers together various timely trends that follow humanism or put humanistic tradition into parenthesis. The art works in this exhibition address the prevalent questions embedded in this post-human thought ranging from post-fossil energy and other ecological systems to non-human agencies (specifically animals and plants) and locate them within the hybridization of nature and technology.

Hoerner + Antlfinger (GER)
Duke + Battersby (CAN)
​Beatriz da Costa (US)
Christiana Bissett
Flora Bouteille
Monika Czyżyk
Ewa Gorzna + Katarzyna Miron
Lilli Haapala
Aoibhe Jessen + Estelle Schorpp
Minna Kangasmaa
to kosie
Terhi Nieminen
Eeva-Maija Pulkkinen + Perttu Saksa
Anu Raatikainen
Eetu Sihvonen
Aarni Vaaramo
Saska Ylätalo
Ksenia Yurkova
Haliz Yosef

Animal Locig films curated by Jim Supanik (NY) Saturday June 10 at 7pm featuring works by Jesse McLean, Kathy High, Jim Trainor, and Nancy Andrews.
Animal Logic lectures by Jim Supanick and Filipa Ramos (London) Tuesday June 13 at 6pm.