Dodecaphonic legacy – Maria Puusaari, 1st postgraduate recital

Lauantai, joulukuu 14, 2019 - 15:00 - 16:10
Music Centre, Organo
Liput: 6,50-18€
Reactions to the dodecaphonic legacy of Arnold Schönberg.

Violinist Maria Puusaari explores the aftermath of the dodecaphony of Arnold Schönberg in her first postgraduate recital. The classical duo team of violin and piano is shaken up with the use of prepared instruments, creating new sound worlds, but echoes of Viennese waltzes and traditional forms can also be heard. Extended playing techniques expand our horizons towards the infinite, as a newly commissioned work by Jukka Koskinen, Ad Infinitum, introduces three electronic virtual Marias alongside the real one.

Maria Puusaari, violin
Emil Holmström, piano
Jon-Patrik Kuhlefelt, sound technician

Schönberg, Lachenmann, Dallapiccola, Neuwirth, Rihm, Koskinen

Matti Leisma, 0503877310,