Night of Social Pedagogy in TeaK 18.9.

Maanantai, syyskuu 18, 2017 - 17:15 - 19:30
Theatre Academy, 525
Avoin luento


Liberating learning environment – Freirean pedagogy in action 
Professor of directing Rodolfo G. Vázquez, São Paulo Escola de Teatro (Bra)

What kind of learning environment promotes the freedom of the learner? São Paulo Escola de Teatro (SP-ET) is a private theatre school locating in São Paulo, Brazil that applies dialogical and cooperative pedagogy inspired by educational philosopher Paulo Freire. One of the founders of the school, professor of directing Rodolfo G. Vázquez tells in his speech about the school’s pedagogy in practice, what it means from the perspective of teachers and students, and what we in Finland could learn about it.

Short comment speeches will be given by lecturer of directing Eero Tapio Vuori (Theatre Academy) who has worked in SP-ET as a visiting teacher and senior lecturer of social pedagogy Sanna Ryynänen (University of Eastern Finland) who has researched Freirean education in NGO context in Brazil. There will also be time for questions and joint conversation. The event is in English.

The event is organised by the Degree Programme in Directing of Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki and Finnish Social Pedagogical Association.
Additional information: Sanna Ryynänen – sanna.ryynanen(at)

The Nights of Social Pedagogy are open and free events coordinated by the Finnish Social Pedagogical Association with a focus on interesting educational projects or perspectives with a social pedagogical angle both from Finland and abroad.