Prognostics lecture: Jenni Laiti

Torstai, helmikuu 28, 2019 - 17:00
Exhibition Laboratory

Jenni Laiti (b. 1981) is a Sámi activist, artisan and artist who also works with the Sámi language. She was born in Inari and lives in Jokkmokk in northern Sweden with her family. She has a degree in Sámi handicrafts and studies Sámi culture at Umeå University. Laiti works at the interface of activism and art and sees art as a tool for activism. Her work is a mixture of cultural intervention, installations, and performative direct action, dealing with colonialism, decolonialism, climate justice, and the Sámi people’s rights to their own culture and land. Laiti is also a member of the ‘Suohpanterror’ collective, known for its controversial, provocative propaganda posters. She is an active member in the global climate movement and in the movement against mines in Sweden.

Prognostics lectures map new areas of art, which challenge established forms of art, exhibition methods, and shake up societal norms and political thinking. Prognostics lecture series is supported by Saastamoinen Foundation.

Prognostics lecture series

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