Stig Baumgartner: ”BONGA”, 2018 , oil on canvas, 160 x 130 cm

Avoimet opet! Stig Baumgartner: What do you mean, abstract?

Tiistai, tammikuu 22, 2019 - 18:00 - 19:30
Exhibition Laboratory

Who are the teachers in the Uniarts Helsinki's Academy of Fine Arts? An open lecture series presents our expert staff during the spring, Tuesdays 22.1., 26.2., 9.4. and 7.5.  at 18.00 in the Exhibition Laboratory, Merimiehenkatu 36. Free entry. 

22.1. Stig Baumgartner: What do you mean, abstract?

Stig Baumgartner is lecturer in drawing and perception, but this time, his lecture will not be so much about drawing and perception. Instead, he will use the opportunity to talk about painting. He will concentrate on the history of abstract modernism and his relation to it, as well as examine how natural and casual the so-called abstract expression has been to us – and still is. In his view, modernism only re-introduced the old, everyday visual motifs, some of which have in fact been in use since the Stone Age, as stated in a Nature Journal article.

Stig Baumgartner is an artist, painter and Doctor of Fine Arts. He is lecturer in drawing and perception in the University of the Arts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts.

Avoimet opet! open lecture series

22.1. Stig Baumgartner: What do you mean, abstract? (in English)

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