Muuttujia [Variables] – new music for accordion and percussion

Tiistai, toukokuu 7, 2019 - 19:00
Music Centre, Camerata
Lipunmyynti alkaa 17.12.2018 09:00
Liput: 6.00 EUR-17.50 EUR€
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A review of very recent Finnish and international music.

This recital by the km2 duo is a review of very recent Finnish and international music in the realm of music for accordion and percussion. Each featured composer has a distinctive style, lending changing colours to the combo. The five works performed, written for the duo in 2018 and 2019, feature a kaleidoscope of complexity, silence-inspired music and allusions to tango and rock.

T. Nevanlinna, U. Rojko, E. Møller, M. Yokoyama, L. Poe

Manca Dornik, accordion
Kalle Hakosalo, percussion
Guest performer: Alejandro Tentor, electric guitar

Jeroen Sebrechts, 050 410 9252,