Photo: Annkristina Al-Zalimi

Lord, have mercy upon us – Church service with Medieval singing

Sunnuntai, marraskuu 11, 2018 - 10:00 - 11:15
Pyhtää Church
Vapaa pääsy
Taru Hämäläinen’s first postgraduate recital.

Taru Hämäläinen’s first postgraduate recital features echoes from the Middle Ages. The music used in this church service are from Finnish music manuscripts from the 16th century.

The Medieval greystone church in Pyhtää offers an excellent setting for these old liturgical songs: similar music was sung there centuries ago. The performers are Populus Sion, a vocal ensemble specialising in Gregorian chant, conducted by Sion Hämäläinen.

Taru Hämäläinen, voice
Vocal Ensemble Populus Sion

Jointly organised with Pyhtää Parish.

Janne Ikäheimo, 040 710 4344,