Prognostics lecture: Ragna Bley

Tiistai, maaliskuu 26, 2019 - 17:00
Exhibition Laboratory

Ragna Bley (born 1986, Uppsala, lives and works in Oslo) graduated from Oslo National Academy of Art in 2011 and from the Royal College of Art, London in 2015. She has had solo exhibitions at Hester, New York (2015), and Gallery LNM, Oslo (2012), and has taken part in many group shows including the 16th International Painting Triennial, Vilnius (2016), Roaming, UKS, Oslo (2016), Conflicting Évidence, 1857, Oslo (2015) and Young Pioneers, Kunsthall Oslo (2015). Bley took part in Kunsthall Oslo’s summer residency for recent graduates in 2013. She is the recipient of the Hine Painting Prize (2015). Upcoming exhibitions are a solo show at Frankfurt am Main, Berlin in June and The Norwegian Sculpture Biennial 2017 at The Vigeland Museum, Oslo.

Bley’s exhibition is perhaps about this intermediate state, between abstraction and representation, or between thought and expression, and one way to understand her paintings is as being about the potential of the process of painting, or the creative process itself. About a desire to capture a moment in the evolution of the work where the path to its ideal realisation still seems open, before the final closure in which that world of possibility must inevitably vanish.

Prognostics lectures map new areas of art, which challenge established forms of art, exhibition methods, and shake up societal norms and political thinking. Prognostics lecture series is supported by Saastamoinen Foundation.

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