Photo: Aku Pakarinen
Emelie Luostarinen, Ironic, 2019.

Emelie Luostarinen: Itsy Bitsy

Perjantai, tammikuu 25, 2019 - 11:00 - Sunnuntai, helmikuu 10, 2019 - 18:00
Project Room

Tervetuloa avajaisiin torstaina 24.1. klo 17–19.
Welcome to the opening on Thursday, January 24, 5–7pm.

July 1988. Hämä hämä, Imse vimse or Itsy bitsy. It didn’t matter in what language my father sang that song to me. It didn’t help. I was still screaming in the backseat of the car. That summer’s day when we were driving 691 km from Kalix, Sweden to my mother’s mother in southern Karelia.

My father had blocked out the sound of my scream, he didn’t realise that I had just fallen asleep. I was quiet but in his mind I was still making noise. He wanted to help, calm me down, but instead he made it worse. Now I was tired, hungry and sweaty.

January 2019. Itsy bitsy is a story shown trough an exhibition at Exhibition Laboratory Project Room. It is about everything and nothing and can be seen throughout various images.'

The term selective hearing has been essential when working with this exhibition. I want to illustrate this event in the car that has been repeated to me over the years. They call it Itsy bitsy. It means everything to me and can mean nothing to someone else. In this exhibition I show a selective way of seeing that we experience when looking at something, in this case painting installation.

Emelie Luostarinen (b.1987 Stockholm, Sweden) lives and works in Helsinki. This is her first solo exhibition in Finland and the first part of her Master's degree thesis. The second part will be shown in May 2019 at the Kuvan Kevät MFA Degree exhibition. Most recently her works has been seen at the exchange exhibition with the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and at group exhibitions in Helsinki and Reykjavik. She is part of the artist duo P.I.L.E. together with Iida Pii.