Practical Masochism

Perjantai, helmikuu 17, 2017 - 11:00 - Sunnuntai, maaliskuu 12, 2017 - 18:00
Exhibition Laboratory

It can be said that there is something intrinsically masochistic about art making. But what of the works that take this further, that deal with things too close, too private, too sticky? Practical Masochism is not a show of ‘pain work’ as such; rather than just flirting with the iconography of masochism, it proposes it from a more emotional perspective, and asks what are the possibilities and limitations of a masochistic mode of working? What are the risks?

Including work by: Elisa Aaltonen, Aino Aksenja, Artor Jesus Inkerö, Okku Nuutilainen, Marjatta Oja, Jaana Ristola, Iona Roisin

Curated by Mariliis Rebane and Iona Roisin.

Welcome to the opening on Thursday, February 16 at 5–7pm!

Feel free to join us for an open critique / discussion from 11am on March 8th at Exhibition Laboratory.